Research projects

Water Smart Cities (WSC)WSC-logo
2016-03 to 2020-03 (role: project participant for Aarhus Water)

The Water Smart Cities project will develop novel Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions that ensure robust optimization across temporal and spatial scales. We will focus on 1) ICT solutions that integrate numerical models of the urban water system with sensor networks, weather forecasts, coastal/ocean forecasts and optimization techniques, and 2) Planning models integrating and dynamically linking water system models, risk assessment methods, valuation techniques and decision making tools.




Animation of CFD results (click to view).

Advanced measurement of overflow quality (AMOK)
2013-01 to 2014-12 (role: project participant for Aalborg University)

When the weather goes AMOK, and the capacity of a combined sewer system is exceeded, overflow takes places to the recipient. Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) structures have often been designed one a combination of hydraulic, operation and maintenance, aesthetic and economic criteria’s. Common to most CSO structures are, that it is unknown when and how much overflow occurs. The major outputs of this project are methods to quantify overflow from hydraulic complex CSO structures using different types of software sensors.



Storm- and Wastewater Informatics (SWI)
2008-04 to 2011-03 (role: project participant for Aalborg University)SWI-logo

Storm- and Wastewater Informatics “SWI” is a strategic Danish Research Project with an overall aim to close the knowledge gaps within prediction and control of current and future conditions in integrated urban wastewater systems. Major outputs are components of an intelligent real-time decision support system, following a drop of water from the cloud, throughout the sewer–wastewater treatment system and into the receiving waters.